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our fudgey chocolate brownies are loaded with all the goods, the only problem you'll have is trying to choose a flavour!

eight flavours to select from:

  • triple choc (milk, white + dark choc)
  • biscoff (biscoff spread + biscoff biscuits + caramelised choc)
  • caramelised (caramello choc + osd salted caramel)
  • thicker than a snickers (snickers + osd salted caramel)
  • nutella (nutella + hazelnuts + choc)
  • creamy milk. (whittakers creamy milk)
  • naked brownie (just pure fudgey brownie w/ icing sugar topping)
  • berries + cream (blondie with white choc and berries)

can be cut into 16 normal square or 12 rectangular portions (both come in a 24x24cm box). one flavour per pack only. 


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how to store your treats:

IF there are leftovers, store as follows:


store in an airtight container. these babies can last up to a week if stored correctly. highly recommend not storing together with brownies as these can soften your cookies.


store in an airtight container. heat up in the microwave for 20 seconds and serve with ice cream for delish dessert vibes.


heat in microwave for 20 seconds, stir & repeat. dip/pour over brownie, add ice cream +/ cream & enjoy! store leftovers in fridge.

want to add a personalised message?

easy! just click here to choose a label for your box/boxes & add a short message in the notes section at checkout. this will be handwritten and attached to the top of your box.